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August 3, 2012

This blog is a peek into the life I have shared with my mother as we journey through her (our) scary ride with Alzheimers disease.  The blogs are my own personal thoughts and experiences.  They are not meant to promote any medical facts or myths, only to share my crazy world, so that others in some small way  may understand me.  To understand what my ride is like and where I have been and why I am confused and scared about where we are headed.  I chose the Roller Coaster theme because of my fear of roller coasters and just how similar this Alzheimer journey is to the scary carnival ride.  In both cases, I am left breathless, as we take unexpected turns, nearly slamming into brick walls, climbing extreme heights, only to plunge into what seems to be bottomless pits.

  1. Jo Carol Goff permalink

    Carolyn, keep up the good writing. I can’t wait to read more. I will never forget your mom and the Sunday mornings eating left over popcorn in the kitchen, when we were just teanagers.
    Your long time friend,
    Jo Carol

    • Thanks, Jo! I have so much journaled and waiting to publish, but it seems that there is always something new coming up! Yes, our teen years were some special memories to treasure! I only hope that I will always remember them…..but I have learned that it is not a “given”! But one can pray! (((hugs))) Dear Friend!

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