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August 17, 2012

 Prevention Magazine  –  September, 2012

Researcher, Patricia Boyle, PhD. of Rush University Medical  Center in Chicago:

Most of us eventually develop plaques and tangles in our brains – warnings of Alzheimer’s disease.

New research says you can counteract their effects by living a life with purpose.

“Someone who is focused on having meaningful experiences has about 30% less cognitive decline over a 10 year period.”

“Positive behaviors promote cognitive health as we age”

Volunteer, travel, or tutor a child.

Very good advice for all of us, however, I have to chuckle  just a little bit here.  I know the article is about the good that comes from having a purpose in life, and I totally agree.  BUT!!!  That being said, I for one think that there should be two more bits of advice, and I think we have heard them before:

” All good things in moderation”  and “Less is More”

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have way too many “purpose”s in my life.  The “tangles” in MY brain are from being over scheduled, and under rested. I live my life with a calendar in my hand at all times.  There is hardly a day for the next three months that is not already heavily scheduled.   Besides my own home to manage, husband to tend to, my ceramic business, mom and her affairs, the closing and selling of her house, and helping to get my brother settled somewhere,  there is church – choir, prayer shawl ministry, and back-up secretary, my two dogs who demand attention, and now a large fresh water aquarium, with fish who have not learned how to feed themselves yet!

Let me see, have I left anything out?   I may have forgotten something, I’m sure – let me check my calendar to see what I am really supposed to be doing, instead of sitting here still in my pj’s at 1:00 in the afternoon, typing a blog!

I really must find a way to make “ME” a purpose.

  1. Oh, my Lord, honey, you describe my life! Good thing for me– I ‘tudor’ a child. Yesterday it was two of them here. Tudor them, help with potty training, hugs and love and positive reinforcement in a world that pokes at them, Mom to the doctor, cooking, trying to squeeze in finding a photograph for a book cover… Thank you for blogging. That is a ‘me’ purpose. Your final words echo in my mind.

    • One has to wonder why our lives are so hectic. I know that the previous generations while they were busy and very hard workers, did not go at the pace we do. They had (or made) time to sit on the front porch with friends and neighbors in the evenings. So sad that those “Mayberry Days” are long gone. If you were looking for a book cover photo, that must mean we are very close to seeing something new from you. YEAH!!!!

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