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Disconnected and Quiet

October 24, 2012

Living in the modern world of technology that we do, can leave us feeling nearly crippled when things go awry.  

 Such as the major storm that blew through here on Monday afternoon.  A lightning strike wiped out my internet service.   That technical interruption was compounded by me have a major case of bronchitis and unable to speak, and barely able to breathe.  I felt so bad, that at that point I didn’t care about the internet, I went to bed. Hubby is out-of-town and is of no help to either situation!  

 So the next day I am feeling like I need to communicate with the rest of the world somehow.  I crawl under the desk and do the usual unplug this, unplug that, to no avail.  I call the cable company and am assisted by a computer telling to unplug this and unplug that, again to no avail.  They could not send out a repairman until today.  Yes, the lightning had hit the cable box outside the house, and he was here for two hours, replacing connectors and the modem, along with several items.  Still curious as to why I had TV but no internet, but that is one of the technical mysteries that I do not quite understand.   

While I felt helpless and unable to interact with anyone on any level, I thought of my mom and all the other people affected by dementia.  The wires of their brains are not firing properly.  There is no repairman to simply replace a few connectors and all is fine. Maybe someday that may be an option for them, but in the meantime, I understand how frustrated they have to feel, not being able to communicate in a way that we can understand.  I watch as she goes through the motions of her daily life, as it exists for her, but not communicating in my world. 

  It is as much of a mystery, as having TV and no internet, when they come from the same terminal box.

  1. I read this last night before bed, on my iPhone. Connected indeed. 🙂 I give thanks to God for you, Carolyn. I needed to read your wisdom. I noticed yesterday, one of those clear, stark moments, my mother’s growing mental weakness. I have patience, pray for more. Your words help. Oh, and I just saw your Pleasure reading list. Thank you for reading mine, and for the recommendations of others!

  2. Carolyn Mers permalink

    Good Morning dear friend, Thank you for your very kind words! As you are aware, we draw our strength from those around us. Your wise words have helped me more than you can ever realize! I know the Good Lord will watch over you and your mother. You have been a wonderful caregiver to her, don’t ever doubt your importance in her life! BTW…I am currently reading, “If Wishes Were Horses,” and wondering why I waited so long to read it! Truly enjoying it! Have a Blessed day!

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