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Giving Thanks For A Wonderful Husband

October 28, 2012

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love Him.     James 1:12

There are not enough words for me to express how important my husband is in my life.  He has always been my rock and supported me in the good times and the not so good times.  He has been my best friend and my soul mate. But these days he has answered that call, going above and beyond what should ever be expected of a man.

He works very hard to make a comfortable living for us, traveling almost weekly, and then tirelessly tackling the list of “honey-do’s” during his short stints at home, before packing up for the next trip out of town.   But now, during this most difficult time of trying to settle up the mortgage issues of my mother’s house, he has put any and all personal plans aside in order to help get these matters taken care of.  He has given up at least six full weekends in order to help clean, pack, store, repair and paint.  Without ever complaining or grumbling!  I know there are many husbands who would also be there to help, but I am sure they would not be happy about it, and everyone within earshot would also know that they weren’t happy!

Today at the end of day two of a non- stop work weekend, preparing the house for tomorrow’s city inspection, we were in the final minutes of being ready to go home and shower and call it a day.  My phone rings, “This is the nurse at Liberty Village, Miss Virginia has fallen and appears to be hurt, we have called an ambulance.”  I threw on my shoes, told brother and hubby that they had to finish up, and I was out the door and gone.  I realized when I got to the hospital that I had set my phone down while I put on my shoes, and I neglected to pick it back up.  Here I am sitting at the hospital and cannot let anyone know what is going on.  I should not have been surprised to see my dear husband (and brother) show up within the hour with my phone!  He sat in the waiting room until we got the all clear that mom was fine and safely returned to the nursing home.  We finally arrived home after 9:00 pm. quite tired and very hungry.  I cooked up a quick late night supper, while hubby packed his suitcase for another early morning flight!  At least he is flying south and not east as originally scheduled!

God please watch over and protect this man who watches over and takes care of  me!  I thank You whole heartedly for this man who means the world to me, and makes me proud to be his wife. May he always know how much he is loved and appreciated. Please grant him safe travels. Amen

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  1. Dear one, you humble me. I was just in a snit with my husband, angry at something gone undone. How foolish. My dear husband is every bit a kind and strong as you speak of your husband. Thank you for the reminder. I could not go a day with out him. I needed to hear what you wrote.

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