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No Time For Blogging (part 3)

November 5, 2012

As with any good roller coaster ride, you never know what to expect next, you never know what is beyond the next curve.  Such is the case in trying to sell mom’s house.  I had certainly hoped that this post would be the final chapter of this saga, but sadly, it is not. In the past six months I think I have learned the terminology of nearly every type of home sale possible. I have learned the vast differences between selling a home with a profit, to the scary courts of foreclosure, to the possibility of a short sale, and now on to  the terms of a settlement.  There has been a serious buyer with a written contract since August 27th and because of the games the banks have been playing with all of our lives, we have yet to close the deal.

I have thanked God every day for sending me an angel of a real estate agent! This amazing woman has held me together on more than one occasion. She has talked me down from near total meltdowns.  She has guided me through this nightmare and taught me the realities of dealing with the banks, who do not want to work with us.  More than once, I have wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits, and just give the house back and let the two banks fight it out.  She has kept me focused on doing the right thing and going through all the proper channels.  She has pointed out that if I give in to the foreclosure I will not be cleared of the house for about a year.  We both know I do not have the energy for that!

Today was supposed to be the closing, (for the fourth time!) but due to issues that fell through the cracks of the system on the buyer’s side, it did not happen, and now add in that the payoff figure from bank #1 expired today, we have to wait until they recalculate a new payoff figure, which takes 3-5 days.   Now hoping  that it will be over by the end of the week!  Today was also another visit to the doctor and new med’s for the bronchitis.  Wondering if this could all be stress related, instead of allergies/bacteria/viral?  Maybe I will find out if we ever close on the house!

Such is the trials of a POA who did not have all of the facts at the very beginning of the ride!  I have endured many obstacles since the beginning of this Alzheimer’s ride, some were quite difficult, and others were even harder!  Some have even had the pleasant surprise of joy and hope!  Along the way my strength has been tested many times, but I have always resisted the urge to say, “Why Lord?”  I know He has a plan, and He will walk me through this and show me the way, when He says the time is right.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. 

Philippians 4:13

  1. We bought our house in foreclosure. Turned out not to be a short sale, as our offer met the debt, but the mortgage company made it hard. God handled it, we learned patience. Then there was the year and lot of work to sell hubby’s mother’s house. Mantra: I am willing to let l go of this house. :). This, too, shall pass, and we grow stronger, wiser. Sending prayers for a harmonious sale.

  2. Thank you dear friend for the uplifting words, and the much needed prayers. It amazes me how often we find our worlds have been on the same paths! I am proud to say that I have been extremely patient under the circumstances, but you know line about being at the end of your rope and tying a knot? I am hanging on to that knot waiting for this too to pass!! I thank God for giving me dear caring friends like you ! I am taking today off from worry and woe, going to just enjoy the crisp fall day! Have a blessed day!

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