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February 3, 2013

As anyone who is involved in any way with the world of Alzheimer’s, (or any similar situation) knows, there are constant ups and downs.  For the caregiver it is the constantly being on edge, walking the fine line of fear.  Fear of saying something that will set our loved one off in a rage, fear of not being able to communicate, fear of a UTI, which really messes with their mood and personality!  Fear of the sudden and inexplicable turn for the worse.

But the up side of this roller coaster ride, is hearing the pure and impulsive laughter and the bright glimmer in her eyes, as she is telling a funny story, a story that only she knows in her own mind, but is wanting to share it with me, and the joy of watching her eat without any fussing or complaining.

These are just some of the ups and downs of the Alzheimer Roller Coaster, but as I try to put this part of my life into some perspective, I realize that Alzheimer’s is just a part of the overall ride.  My personal life has to go on too, and it is a roller coaster ride in itself!

Hubby has been working a LOT of long hours out of town for about year.  Coming home for very brief weekends, never long enough to really take care of “honey-do’s.” Currently he is home on three weeks of vacation, and has decided the time is right to tackle the kitchen make-over that we have been “thinking about” for nine years. As with any renovation project, it always becomes much more involved than originally planned.

Our house was built in 1960 and still had the original wiring, (certainly not up to today’s codes!) and the insulation has long ago lost the fluff needed to do its job properly……. So the kitchen is totally gutted, I have boxes and bins stashed in both of the bedrooms, living and dining room. The stove, refrigerator and microwave are also in the dining room. Do I really need all of this stuff??? I will have to do some serious culling out, before putting it all back into my new kitchen.  Oh yeah, my bedroom closet had to be completely emptied, as it is the only entrance to the attic to do the electrical work.  So therefore all of my clothes are also draped all over the living room sofa and chairs.  I know it will be worth it, I have waited a long time for this!

On Saturday evening I went to Mass, due to the expected snow arriving later in the evening.  As I walked towards my car, I noticed several daffodils popping up in the yard.  I remember thinking, “They should be fine, we are only supposed to get about an inch or so of the white stuff.” We woke up this morning to nearly 5 inches of snow!  It was so pretty looking out through the window, at God’s beautiful work!  Starting tomorrow, the temperatures are supposed to be nearly 50.  Talk about a roller coaster!!

Hubby has been out there for over two hours clearing the driveway, I’m sure he would enjoy a hot cup of coffee when he comes in.  Where is the coffee pot?  Is there a flat surface, near an outlet to set it when I do find it?  Is it possible to find another clear flat surface for the toaster too?  Thank goodness for microwave oatmeal that comes in single serving cups!  I just might be able to offer him a good hot breakfast in spite of not having a kitchen!

What did I do today?  Tried to mentally plan and plot my spring vegetable garden, that I do intend to put out this year.  You know….the one that did not get out last year!

Just Breathe…..everything will be OK!

  1. Hey, sweetie! What a woman you are! You put into word real life. I nod as I read. Sending hugs, and thanks for the reminder that we go on. 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words my friend! I am finally learning that life itself is just one big roller coaster ride, and that the various trials that we go through are the hills, dips and curves that we must learn to navigate. Our ride may not always be smooth, but we learn and grow, as long as we keep going forward. Carolyn

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