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April 29, 2013

One of my daughters has always used the term, “God Winks,” whenever something appeared to be a coincidence.  There are no coincidences,’ they are little nods of approval from God, but you have to be open minded and have an open heart to see them.

Today was a beautiful breezy, sunny day.  A perfect day for pushing a wheel chair around the grounds of the memory care unit, for sitting on the patio and chatting. (I am not sure what we chatted about, but we chatted.) Occasionally a strong breeze would blow and mom would laugh as her hair blew in the wind.  After a little bit she told me it was time to go in.  We went into the library where the windows were wide open and the curtains were blowing full length into the room.  She thought it was very funny as they blew almost close enough for her to catch.

During various visits I have told Mom that I am writing a book about the two of us.  I have told her that I want to share our story of what we have been going through.  That maybe we can help other people understand what this disease is does to all of us.  She always says “OK, that’s good.” I really don’t think she knows what I am talking about or what she is agreeing to, but I feel better thinking that on some level she is giving me permission to go through with my plans.

If you read my last post, then you know that Mom’s favorite comic strip was, “Family Circus.”  Today’s cartoon had the young boy sitting at a desk with paper, pencil, and an open book.  The caption: “Mommy, I wanna write a best–selling novel.  What should it be about?”

Today was the day that I officially submitted my manuscript and cover design for publishing.

I think this was a “God-Wink!”

  1. You bring tears to my eyes, happy tears, though, where I think of my own life and those of us all, and how blessed we are. May we all have eyes of the heart to see. Sending love…

  2. Reblogged this on Curtiss Ann Matlock and commented:
    Dear friends, I have never reblogged before, but want to now with this post from my longtime friend and writer, Carolyn (and maybe it has to do with finally having a few minutes alone at a table in Starbucks, without someone young or old hollering, “Nana!”), who has just published her book–The Alzheimer’s Roller Coaster. Carolyn writes so truthfully and poignantly about caring for her mother. Some of you know I have care of my elderly mother, who is mostly in her right mind, but, really, what is a ‘right’ mind? Thank you, Carolyn!

    • My Dear Friend!, What kind words you write. Talk about tears! Your support has meant so much to me. I thank you for giving me wings and teaching me to fly. I will be eternally grateful.for your showing me what I could do. We have had many conversations about our numerous crossing paths that God has put out for us, and our purpose. I must say you have most definityly been a “God Wink” in my life! God Bless You!

  3. thank you for this

    • You are welcome and Thank You Ruth for visiting my site! I hope you will come back again soon. My itnention with this sharing of emotions is to let others realize that no matter where our paths lead us, we are not alone. There is someone who cares and understands. Hugs, Carolyn

  4. This was very touching. We’re so blessed to have my mother-in-law still with us, though I sometimes wish my own life away wishing she was like she used to be.

    • Liz, Thank you for visiting my blog. I know the feeling all too well of wishing for life as it used to be, but I have come to truly appreciate the good days that we have been having lately. Knowing all too well that these days are random, makes them even more precious. May God bless you and your family during thesse difficult times.

  5. I’m also catching up, over 2400 emails, including your blog notifications… thus this reply, I told Lisa I wanted to order three of your books. Put me on the list please 🙂 Love you!

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