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Saturday Joy…(continued)

June 14, 2013


Over the past several months, I have from time to time, told my Mother about the book that I have been working on. I have told her that I was writing about what we have been through together, during the past several years. I have said that I want to share our story, so that maybe we can help someone else to understand, what to expect from this disease.  She has always responded positively, never seeming to be concerned or agitated. When I asked point blankly if it was okay to share our story with the world, she always responded with, “Yes” or “OK.” A few times she even said, “That’s good.”

Did she really understand what I was saying? I do not truly know the answer to that question.  However, I have seen her upset at some of our conversations, and engaged in others. That is why I believe that on some level she did know what I was saying.  In my own mind, I believe that her response of, “That’s Good” was giving me permission to go ahead with my plan.  Of course, I felt I had received God’s blessing a month ago with the “Family Circus” cartoon that was published in the paper, on the exact day that I had submitted my manuscript to the printing company. (See my previous post titled, “God Winks.”)

On this particular Saturday afternoon, with the sun shining down on us, I showed her the proof copy of our book.  Her immediate response appeared to be amazement.  There was even a small gasp of delight.  She said, “Nice.” I showed her my name on the cover. She said, “Yes, uh-huh.” I turned the book over to show her the back cover, with our picture.  She started laughing and said, “Oh yeah, like we really need that one!”  I laughed with her and told her, ” That picture is  the most important one, because that is the two of us, and this is our story together.” She said, “OK.”

Then I opened the book to the dedication page, she took one look at the picture, and smiled, very proudly, and proclaimed, That’s me, That’s me!”  I tried to remind her that we are sharing our story with a lot of other people, and she said, “Good.”

She flipped through several of the pages and attempted to read some of the words. So I found a passage to read to her.  She smiled and mumbled some comments.  Mostly agreeing with what I read.


Did she really understand?  It was a very beautiful, clear and sunny day and Mom was in good spirits, very alert and  responsive.  I want (need) to believe that on some level she did understand. I also believe in my heart that this entire day, was another “God Wink.”

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