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June 28, 2013

At long last the wait is over, and the book is in print!


I think back to the many emotions, fears and doubts about opening my heart and soul for the entire world and the reservations that almost kept me from following through with the task that I had started. This was not a book that I could hide myself behind a pen-name, or make up fictional characters to tell my story.  This had to be real, true to myself, feelings.  That,  was just the beginning of putting thoughts on paper.

Then came the self-taught journey of self-publishing, without a clue of what I was getting into, or the steps involved in getting to the finished product.  I had high hopes of delivering this baby before March (I had a self imposed deadline to publish a book at 60 years old.)  Needless to say, March came and went.  Then as I “thought” I was getting closer to a publication date, I would tell family and friends, “six to eight weeks, it should be in print.”  I know I said that line much longer than six to eight weeks.   This was all before I was actually into the full blown final editing process (aka…hard labor!) Submit pdf file, wait a week for proof copy.  The thrilling moment of holding an honest to goodness real book with my name on the cover!  Touch, it, feel the paper, smell it.  It is real.  Open the book, skim through it, spot the mistakes that jump out at you and rip your heart out, as you wonder, “How could I have missed that, and that, and that!” Correct what seems to be hundreds of mistakes.  Submit corrected pdf copy again.  Wait another week for a proof copy.  Open the new proof copy, a little slower and a bit more fearful this time.  Skim through, praying, and then realizing….this can’t go out like this!  Back to the pdf file again! Contemplating calling it quits, cutting my losses and running the other way!

Finally, it is available in paperback on Waiting for my first shipment to arrive, so I can get on with self-promoting and book signings.  Kindle, I am told, is going to take another 3-4 weeks, because it is formatted differently. Another lesson learned in self-publishing! (I caused my own problem here, by my lack of knowledge in both publishing and computer technical training.)  This old lady needs to take some computer classes for seniors, or hire someone to do the work for me!

As with any first child, and not knowing what you are doing, and what to expect while you are expecting…..I hope I have learned enough to make the next delivery and birthing process much easier!

I have learned a lot through this journey about Alzheimer’s disease and the effects of everyone touched by it.  I have learned the art of re-directing the thought process of my Mother, in an effort to change an unhappy mood and make her smile again.  I have learned there is a vast world of legal, medical, ethical and social issues that all play in how we handle this world of Alzheimer’s.  I have learned that as much as I want to, I cannot do it all, and that I must spend some time taking care of me. I have learned to let go of some control issues, because I know that I am NOT in control with any of this.  It is all under God’s control, and He has given me a voice and a means to share what I have learned.

I hope that my book will help others in their own early stages of this cruel disease.  I hope that this book will let others know that they are not alone in this journey, and that while there is great sadness and fear, there are moments of joy, if we are open hearted to see them.

  1. Darling girl, I’m so proud to know you! Congratulations on your perseverance and triumph. And you are already helping many far beyond your imagination. Hugs, CurtissAnn

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  2. Thank You Dear Friend, you have been my inspiration, always there with much needed encouraging words. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Love you, for all that you do. Carolyn

  3. I was thrilled today when my package from Amazon arrived, knowing that I had purchased the very first book. My excitement was short lived, as I discovered that there was a HUGE mistake!!! (the page numbers are all on the inside margin, not on the open edge where they should be) I sat and cried for a good long while. Pulled myself together, picked up the phone to call Createspace, praying that someone would be working on a Saturday. My prayers were answered and I learned that the production team had pulled the previous pdf version, and not the latest one. There was a definite call to “STOP THE PRESSES!” Amazon was taken off line, Production will be hand delivered the proper pdf version on Monday. The bottom line is that I will be getting over a hundred defective books. But they will be free! Corrected books will be shipped as soon as possible. It appears that writing this book, has been it’s own roller coaster ride to production.

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