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September 20, 2015

Neil diamond wrote a song for Elvis Presley and the first line starts with; “Listen easy and you can hear God calling.”

It has been fifteen months since my mother passed away and nine months since I have written a blog post. It isn’t that I have not written on purpose, I just haven’t thought about it, or I guess I should say I have not been inspired to write. At least not about Alzheimer’s, my focus has changed for the time being. More about that later.

Not only have I not written anything about the ending of our roller coaster ride, or anything about Alzheimer’s, I have not scheduled any speaking engagements or book signings. No real reason, I just haven’t. Maybe I have been so involved in my own self, I wasn’t listening, or maybe God was giving me time to heal, before telling me it was time to get back to work.

The time has come for me to continue the mission that I was given almost twelve years ago. You never know who God is going to put in your path and the purpose they will serve.

Recently, quite “accidently” I met a person whom I now affectionately call my new PR manager. Within days of our meeting, I was booked for three speaking engagements and I have a radio interview coming up next month with MindsEye, which is a specialty broadcast station for the visually impaired.

Today was a group book signing event at a Street Art Festival in a neighboring town. I usually do not do as well as the other guild members at these kinds of events. Today, I did better than I have ever done at a festival, including connections to even more speaking engagements.

On my way home, right at sunset, I saw a sky like I have never seen before. As I topped the hill near my house, the clouds were the prettiest shade of purple that I have ever seen, with horizontal streaks of bright pink. Purple for Alzheimer’s disease and pink was mom’s favorite color, perfectly swirled together.   If only I could have gotten to my camera, but I think it was a vision meant only for me. One I will never forget. It truly was an “Alzheimer’s Roller Coaster” sky!! God does beautiful work!!

Two days ago I received a phone call that I was not prepared for and at that very moment, felt like a punch to the stomach. The voice on the other end was from a person that I have never met and would not recognize if they were standing next to me, but it is a well- known name in our community. This person went on to say that they had read my book and were quite impressed and wanted to talk to me, but did not know how. They then called my parish priest and asked for my number in order to discuss the book. Then said, “I have just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, will you come talk to me?” This person is well-educated, a former teacher, principal, and church organist. As I have said in every talk I give, Alzheimer’s disease does not discriminate. A most scary thought is that everyone with a brain is at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

After scheduling an appointment I hung up the phone and looked up and said, “OK God, I get it, you are not finished with me yet, and with this slap in the face wake up call, I understand it is time for me to get back to doing your will. You got my attention, and I am listening.”

My new focus that I mentioned at the beginning of this post… is the start of a novel that has nothing to do with Alzheimer’s disease. In July, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary at a B&B in southern Illinois. It was a wonderful, relaxing few days. A unique place and owners with the greatest hospitality. As we were leaving, I told them they were an inspiration. Even I didn’t realize the impact of those words. That very evening, I started writing a story that is practically writing itself. The main character wakes me up in the middle of the night with words that can’t wait till morning. If only there were more hours in the day, it could be finished. Writing is all I want to do, my characters have a story to tell. I started with the beginning and the ending, and they are writing the middle and I love the direction they are taking the story. I want to know where they are going to take me.

I do know this much about the story… I am listening easy and I know God is calling!

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