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Blogging was not my intention when I started my journaling endeavor about three years ago.  My intention was merely to keep my memories in a place where I could revisit them whenever I desired.  A place where I would not lose them, because I have certainly come to realize that our memories can be fragile and quite often only fragments of those memories are all that we may end up with.   I often joke about my own forgetfulness, but as I witness my mother slipping away, and I try desperately to hold on to what remains of the woman I love dearly, I also have to wonder if I am headed down the same track.  Maybe by writing about our journey together, I will remember more than I forget.

My journaling was intended to be my own refuge to relive the good days with mom as well as document our struggles.  I also thought it may one day become sort of a handbook   for my own daughters if they do end up riding the same rollercoaster ride with me.  They will have a better understanding of what I have been through, and what they can expect.  At the start of my ride with my mother, I did not see a signboard listing the rules, regulations and hazards of what to expect.

As I began to verbally share stories with family and friends, I kept hearing over and over, “You need to be writing this down”, “You need to share this with so many other people who are going through the same thing,” “You need to write a book…”, “You need to blog this.”  I kept telling myself that while I was not afraid to share my stories, I am not a writer, and besides what do I know about editors and publishers and how does one start to put this all together?

I eventually turned to a friend from high school, who had become a well known successful author.  Not wanting to infringe on her time or our friendship, I just wanted a bit of advice.  She suggested I should start blogging, but first I must read a lot of blogs, and study how they are written.

So, I have read blogs about Alzheimer’s disease, ceramics, miniatures and gardening, blogs about writing and blogs about blogging!  Right now I am feeling a bit like I am on blog overload, but, I am now certain, that I can and should just jump in and do it!  While I fear where this ride is taking us, I have to let go of the fear of writing about it. I hope that as you read my blogs, and ride along on our roller coaster ride called Alzheimer’s disease, you will smile with us on our good days, and have some understanding of just how difficult the hard days can be. If you have a ticket for your own personal ride, hopefully you will take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  We belong to a group of more than 5 million people and the numbers are growing.  Please feel free to leave a comment and share your stories as well.

  1. Hi Carolyn! Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to reading your stories & thoughts. You are such a calm & wise old soul! I still remember the first time we met, working a JV Players booth. You had a twinkle in your eyes & a gentle, inviting smile.

    • Thank you Beth, for your very kind words. Being a JV Drama Mom was a great joy and full of so many wonderful memories! I also remember very well, your first year of being a JV Drama teacher for my girls and then to grow and become friend, and co-worker to Lisa. You were a great role model!

  2. Feel for you. My dad is in the mid stages of dementia. It can be a rough ride. Happy to have found your blog.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. This scary ride is full of ups and downs, with moments of sadness and joy, as well as fear and hope. It has been quite the learning experience. I can honestly say that I am about to have the full book finished and ready for publishing very soon. It has been a continuous work in progress.

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