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August 25, 2013

As everyone probably knows from my previous post, I was very apprehensive to take my much-needed vacation. Mom’s good mood and new-found communication skills really put me on edge. Her telling me that she would not forget me, had me worried that those would be the last words that I would hear. But of course I did go. I did what my mother told me to do…… I had a good time!

We didn’t really do anything special this trip. Mostly drove around in the convertible and enjoyed the scenery. We took a Botanical Garden tour and did a chocolate tasting there. For those who may not know, Hawaii is the only US state that grows cacao trees. Chocolate Farms and tastings are a big deal there. We celebrated our anniversary with a sunset dinner at a very nice seafood place. The food was fabulous! I guess the most monumental thing that we did was to take a 5 hour sunset dinner cruise up the NaPoli coast. Now if you know anything about me at all….you know that boats, water, and me, just do not mix very well. I have a very long history of “near-death” experiences when it comes to water activities. I prefer to keep a very safe distance between us! But I survived and enjoyed the beautiful rainbow arced against cliffs, seeing how large the sea turtles are, and watching the adorable little spinner dolphins performing off to the side. But in all honesty, 5 hours was way too long. Half that time would have been enough!

So after returning home, I nervously went to visit Mom. Not sure what I would find, though it seems that her mood swings have really subsided in the last several months. My fear is that she would not be awake, or responsive. However, she stayed true to her word, she did not forget me.

She was awake and alert, her face it up when I got near. She proclaimed a very excited, “Well, Hello!” I was thrilled! I asked if she missed me, and she said, “Yes.” I took that answer straight to my heart. It may have just been an answer to her, but I want to think that she meant it.

I am having more hope these days as she seems to be more aware and alert at every visit. (I must do more research with the Alzheimer’s Association and see if this is to be expected.)

Her conversation is limited, but she does try to talk and tell me stories. I am thrilled with the manners that she has never forgotten. I am like a proud Momma, when she sneezes or coughs, she will put her hand over her nose and mouth. If I say “Bless You,” she says “Thank You.” If I tell her she is pretty, or that she smells good, she says “Thank You.” It does my heart good to know that she has not forgotten everything, she still remembers to be a lady!

We are also back to singing, “You Are My Sunshine,” she sings right along with me. The only problem is that I do not know the second verse, but she still attempts it. I really must learn all of it. She looks to me to keep on going, and I try to fake it.

As of yesterday’s doctor visit, he took her off the Abilify. She has not had any mood swings or outbursts in several months. Gradually all of the dementia related drugs have been removed. No more delusions, I have to admit though, I kind of miss talking about Richard. He had been an important part of this ride for several years. It is hard to believe that the strongest drug that she is on at this time is Tylenol, when they feel she needs it.

I asked Mom if she wanted to pray. She said, “Yes.”

So I started with, “Hail Mary” she followed with, “Uh-huh”
I continued with, “Full of Grace” she responded, “Uh-huh”
I went on with, “The Lord is with Thee” she said, “I hope so.”

Who says she doesn’t know what is going on and how to hold a conversation? She knows what is important!

Never underestimate the human mind, no matter how dark it may seem at times.

  1. Kay permalink

    What a wonderful blessing, God is so good! Enjoy each moment, tuck it away in your heart and memory’s to cherish.

  2. Oh, I know, our God is an awesome God. Each day is a new blessing!

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