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September 2, 2013

The calendar says it time to start thinking of fall and all of its autumn glory to come. However, it is still hotter than the 4th of July here in the Midwest. As I look out the window towards the pond, I see that the leaves are falling but the temperature is not. I also take notice of all of the spring and summer projects that were never touched. The blank place where my garden was supposed to have been installed this year. I have been yearning for this garden for 10 years, and still nary a single tomato plant! Oh, how I remember my little garden in Wisconsin that produced a bounty of fresh vegetables that were canned, pickled and frozen. Maybe next year.

I have devoted the past several years to ensuring the health and welfare of my Mother, living my life wearing blinders to my own personal needs. God chose me for this job and I would not have changed it for anything in the world. I pray that I have done His will in the manner that He wanted. However, I recommend that one should also not lose sight of the importance of your own needs, while taking on the responsibilities of another.

As I moved Mom out of her house and into Assisted Living, some of her furniture and things went into storage, the rest into my house. Prized knick-knacks wedged in amongst all of my own. Shelves and bookcases overflowing. Clothes hang on racks in the basement. Boxes of papers, pictures and memorabilia found every spare corner and every useable spot behind and beneath all of my furniture. Stacks of boxes have been topped with a piece of plywood and draped with fabric, trying to disguise what lies beneath.

Enough of this mess! The clutter HAS to go!
The time has come that I must truly think about what my life has become and take control once and for all!

I have been meeting with various furniture consignment shops and making plans for getting Mom’s furniture out of storage and into someone’s home who can use it. Hopefully we can recoup a portion of the three years of storage fees. Maybe some of my own surplus furniture will go along as well.
I will be going through the collection of clothes, knick-knacks and boxes, determining what really needs to be kept, and who will benefit the most from what remains.

As for me getting healthier…….I started a few months ago by quitting the endless merry-go-round of having my hair colored. The stress of making and keeping appointments, trying to keep ahead of the “growth” line and the peeking gray around the edges. Hair cut short and going natural. Gray is good, chemicals are not! I have earned every one of these gray hairs and now wear them proudly as a badge of honor.

I have found a truly caring doctor who honestly cares about the person, not just running the patient through in order to get to the next one and collect the money. He has me on a regiment of vitamins and a gluten free diet that has cleared the fog in my head and has helped me to lose 16 lbs. so far. He sends random pep-text messages. I text him on difficult days for additional support. Previous doctors have always said, “Lose weight, exercise, see you in six months.” Clearing the fog, has helped me to see the clutter that needs to go, and I am sure that clearing the clutter will help to make me even healthier.

I have also found a natural nail technician, who is working to repair a very botched “Oriental” manicure. I am halfway into having my own natural healthy nails again.

The major kitchen remodel that was started last February, is at last reaching completion. Hubby is hanging the last of the wall cabinets and installing the final tiles in the backsplash this very day. Soon all the tools that have taken over the house, can finally go back to the garage!

At the ceramic show a few weeks ago, a young girl told me that she wanted to pursue her Mother’s love of creating porcelain dolls. I told her I had molds to get rid of. She came to the house and adopted 34 “kids” of all types and sizes. Those 34 dolls translated to about 136 separate molds, which means we emptied some shelves!! Whoo – hoo!!! Another person wants any sports related items and someone else is looking for any mold by a certain manufacturer. This is really clearing the clutter! My girls will be so happy to hear this!!

Tomorrow, I think I want to return to my studio and start working on pieces for this year’s show season. But, before I can start working on this year’s shows, I must clean up the mess I left last year. Last fall when I got sick, lost my voice and spent over six months barely able to get out of bed. Work stopped and shows were cancelled. I have not been out there since. I am ready now to pick up the pieces and start again. To quote a very dear friend, “I am pressing on.”

I thank God for bringing to my life, the right mix of people, at just the right time, to give me the strength to start picking up the pieces and conquering the clutter! God is good!

I am the Lord; I have called you in righteousness; I will take you by the hand and keep you. Isaiah 42:6

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  1. Lisa permalink

    Yes, at least one of your girls is happy to read this. (I can imagine the other two are as we’ll.) Sounds like you’ve found a really great doctor. Keep the momentum going!

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