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September 3, 2013

So much to do this morning, several places to be and had to be home in time for an early afternoon appointment here. Dressed and ready to head out the door, but first had to take a quick look at the computer to see what was happening in the world of email, FB, and friends blogs.

I could not help but giggle out loud while reading a friends blog, relating a time from the past, reminding us of the days when Labor Day meant putting away the white shoes and purses and pulling out the darker clothes and accessories. I giggled because I was wearing white capri pants with my white flip flops. Does my brown shirt make it a fall outfit? Closed the computer, picked up the fall sunflower swag to hang on mom’s door, and I was off and running.

When I arrived at the nursing home, I couldn’t find mom. Not in her room, not in the hallway, not in the dining room. Where could she be? One of the aids noticed me looking around and informed me that mom was in the activity room. She was listening to music and getting her nails done. They were at a stopping point with the nails, so I took her outside to sit on the porch to enjoy the very welcome cooler weather. We had a nice visit and she chatted freely. Our conversation went something like this:
“Did Linda and Ray come to visit you yesterday?”
“Did you have a nice visit?”
“Yes, and my mom came to”.
“Your mom came to visit you?”
“How is your mom?”
She laughed, a good, hard, deep, belly laugh. When she caught her breath, she leaned forward and said:
“You know how mothers are. She likes some things, I like something else!” She continued to laugh.
Oh, how I love to see her laugh!

We chatted some more about nothing special, until she became very sad, her chin quivered and she started to tear up. I asked why she was sad.
“Because, she works too hard. She does too much.”
I asked who she was talking about.
She raised her handed and pointed to me and said, “Her, she works too hard.” With tears in my eyes, I told her it was OK, and that “she” didn’t mind the work, it is not that hard at all. I assured her that “she” would be OK. Then I said, “It is such a pretty day, let’s go for a walk.” I pushed her chair out from the protective shade of the porch. She quickly said, “It’s hot here!” Though it was not at all hot, her quick perception between the shade and the sun lifted my spirits. Her immediate awareness was like a ray of sunshine to me. We went for a short walk and I returned her to the activity room. I told her that I loved her, and she said, “I love you too.” Made my day! On to the other things on my list.

No time at all this week for a scheduled haircut with my regular hairdresser but desperately needing this shaggy look trimmed and cleaned up just a little. Ducked into a “No Appointment Necessary place,” I told her not to “cut” a lot, it just needs trimming and cleaning up. When I got back to my car and was looking in the mirror, only one thing came to my mind. “I look like Jamie Lee Curtis!” Nothing wrong with Jamie Lee Curtis, she’s beautiful, but this short cut is just not me. I won’t need another cut for six months! This is the cut I should have had last spring, not in the fall when it is time to start covering up!

When I finally returned home from the busy day, my husband, who has never, ever commented about any haircut, took one look at me and said, “You trying to look like Jamie Lee Curtiss?”

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